Custom Teak Srl: «The new deck design fitted perfectly thanks to the Proliner!»

Custom Teak is an innovative company in the naval carpentry sector, with a strong focus on quality craftsmanship and specializes in crafting high-quality teak decks, both external and internal boat furnishings.
The Italian company was founded by Pellegrini Lorenzo, who started his career in the furniture industry before transitioning into the nautical world. In 2008, he opened his first individual company, laying the foundation for Custom Teak.

Over the years, Custom Teak has experienced significant growth and evolution. In 2017, it became Custom Teak Srl, a leading company in naval carpentry, and Pellegrini Allestimenti, specializing in on-board assembly.

Custom Teak not only brings professionalism and experience to the nautical field but also embraces new technologies to enhance work processes and innovate in an industry that requires constant renewal. Their main office is located in the province of Pisa, where all work has been carried out in-house since 2021, serving various construction sites in Italy and worldwide.
In 2018, Custom Teak decided to invest in the Proliner Marine package, to help with the realization of their projects. One of them was the refit of the Swan Woodpecker vessel (before-after photos above).
Elena Pellegrini explains the process of this specific project:
«The work was performed in 2022: an on-board survey was carried out with Proliner of all perimeters, thanks to which the original layout was recreated.
The new deck design was then made based on the old deck: we dismantled the old deck and the new one fitted perfectly, thanks to the Proliner!»

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