Prodim Proliner пользователь MC Marine

The Proliner has provided significant improvement for MC Marine’s business

MC Marine provides marine trimming and teak deck fabrication services to boat owners across several marinas and yacht clubs within the metropolitan areas of Perth, Western Australia. By investing in a Proliner with IPT (for measuring hard-to-reach points) MC Marine made sure that they can create digital templates for all the products and services they offer now as well as for expanding their business.

Marcelia Young, Business Manager at MC Marine:
 “The Proliner has provided significant improvement and efficiencies for our business and how we go about taking measurements and prepare our design work. We are the only marine business in Perth WA that use the Proliner and plotter for marine trimming, which has given us a completive edge. 

We also use the Proliner to measure teak decks on yachts and power boats and since we started using the Proliner it has proven to provide very accurate measurements, saving us time with the design and fabrication of the teak decks. The time consuming process of digitizing manual measurements has been removed using the Proliner.»  

The above dinghy cover and sail bag were made from the measurements taken by the Proliner and patterns via the Prodim Plotter 

MC Marine also invested in a Prodim Plotter enabling them to print patterns for the fabrication of the decking and trimming products they offer. The patterns are based on the digital templates measured and created on-site with the Proliner.

Marcelia continues: «The Proliner is a great tool to measure a teak deck, to determine pricing and design. Its accuracy has made the fabrication for a Bertram 42 power boat, seamless with no re-work required from the measurement. Our services and the use of the Proliner is not limited to decks and trimming only. One of our upcoming project is the refit of a 56 foot power boat to update/upgrade the interior design and we will definitely be using the Proliner to measure bench tops, lockers, cabins and storage spaces.»



“Very happy with the finished deck on MV Allure, looking great. Nigel’s attention to detail has resulted in a first-class job.»

Donald Gorham owner Allure

Before and after shots of the teak deck for ‘MV Allure’. The Proliner was used to measure the deck (video) to prepare the design and fabrication. 

Marcelia concludes: «The Proliner is indeed a very powerful tool for our business and we are certain that we made the right decision with our purchase. In addition, the staff at Prodim has provided us with outstanding customer service. We will certainly recommend Prodim to any prospective customers who would benefit significantly from the Proliner as much as we have.» 


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