Stone4you: «In our industry, you really need precision to the millimeter. With the Proliner we don’t have to worry about mistakes.»

Stone4you from Hollabrunn, Austria, offers natural and artificial stones for every taste and request. They think of their customers’ wishes and ideas as their top priority. To provide a one-of-a-kind experience, they only work with unique design concepts, professional employees, and high-quality equipment so that no idea can be too big. With these things in mind, they didn’t think twice when choosing their digital measuring solution to connect field, office, and production.

Stone4you has many years of experience in both indoor and outdoor stone projects. They have been using the Proliner Stone Package for eight years. For almost a decade, they have counted on the speed and versatility that the Proliner offers to all their projects.

Kwaf was happy to share more about their experience:  «The Proliner is a fantastic piece of equipment. We use it every week to measure all kinds of natural stone projects. It is incredible the mobility and versatility you achieve when digital templating with the Proliner. We can expand and template everything, anywhere! Our favorite quality has to be the precision of each measurement.

We enjoy using our Proliner and always getting exact measurements. Our favorite quality of the Proliner naturally is its precision. In our industry, you really need accuracy to the millimeter. With the Proliner, we don’t have to worry about mistakes. Also, we feel at ease when measuring complex shapes or objects. We can template curved stairs or countertops without worrying about having a mismatch.»


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