Prodim Proliner пользователь Planet Granite USA

«The Proliner changed Planet Granite for the better»

We always welcome and enjoy seeing our customers. Recently Ryan Dejong, with Planet Granite, stopped by to say hello, get some refresher training and get up-to-date on new Proliner technology. Planet Granite, in Colorado Springs, CO was founded in 1998 and has earned a superior reputation in the countertop industry.

Planet Granite has been a valued customer of Prodim for well over ten years and currently have 7 Proliners, both Proliner 8CS and Proliner 7CS series. The Proliners are used in combination with Proliner Stone CT software to prepare the digital templates for production. Nonnie Salamon with Planet Granite: «In our factory, we use Park Industries’ Fusion and Titan CNC machinery as they work fantastically with the Proliner.»

In 2013, Planet Granite participated in a trade-in program to upgrade their equipment. They sent their older 5.7 series Proliner to our facility after receipt of their newer Proliner 8CS.  Having been an industry work-horse for them, the entire company signed the unit with farewell wishes (as you can see in the picture above). This unit is now on display in the lobby of our Fort Pierce, Florida office and is quite the conversation piece with visitors.

After yet another recent Proliner 7CS purchase, Ryan said: “I wanted to let you know that the new Proliner is working great! We now have 7 Proliners and are very pleased to say that they have changed our company for the better. I have looked at other template systems and the Proliner is still the most efficient and versatile, not to mention very impressive to our customers. We are a very high volume company and can honestly say that I don’t know where we would be without them. Thank you again!”


We appreciate Planet Granite’s loyalty and are proud to have contributed to their success. Prodim’s mission is to improve, always!


Website of Planet Granite 


Ryan DeJong of Planet Granite
Planet Granite countertop projects based on Proliner measurements