Toekomstgroep: «We love to use the Proliner because all the windows fit perfectly!»

Toekomstgroep is a company located in Andijk, the Netherlands, and is in the market for more than half a century. They are divided into 5 sectors such as Construction, Glass, Painters, Service, and Technology Division.
They provide integrated and sustainable solutions, offering their customers the right glazing, the perfect finish of their walls, floors, ceilings, and exterior work. For their projects in the glass industry, they decided to go for the Proliner Glass package. They told us about their experience:

«In order to meet high quality standards and to speed up our work, we decided to go for the Proliner.
We have just completed another glass project in Schellinkhout on the Dorpsweg. It was so easy, fast, and accurate to work with the Proliner. We love to use it and we are very excited! The work runs like clockwork and all the windows fit perfectly!»


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