FZ Glas & Spiegel: “The Proliner is the fastest, most accurate and most reliable templating solution in the glass industry”

FZ Glas & Spiegel is a company from Worms, a city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. They provide all-around professional service for everything to do with glass. Their services include glass showers, all-glass partition walls, windows, balustrades, sliding glass doors, front doors, glass furniture, splashbacks, mirrors, and more.

Nowadays, their integrated glass solutions include comprehensive advice, on-site measurements, tailor-made offers, and professional installation. With the goal of saving time and money for glass production, and becoming more portable on the construction site, they decided to invest in the Proliner Glass Package.

The owner, Mr. Frank Zachmann told us more about his experience:

“We use Proliner onsite and the measurement of templates is going great! We are still adapting to it, but we can already see so many changes! Our way of measuring has changed since working with the Proliner. We do it all by ourselves now. We do not have to ask other firms to do parts or outsource work for us. On this staircase, all contours were tested with the Proliner and converted into a digital template. This measuring machine from the Dutch company Prodim significantly reduces the effort on custom and template production… and it’s done in no time! We are positive and confident that the best is yet to come!”

About some of the projects they have completed, they mentioned:

“Fast and precise measuring – with patented technology. This is why the Proliner is currently the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable templating solution in the glass industry.”


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