Precision Template Inc: “We have gotten a few Proliners for our company and we recommend it to anyone that asks!”

Precision Template Inc, from New York, in the USA, is a company that is doing as-built digital templating: for marble, granite, quartz, glass railings, etc. Chaim Neiman decided to invest in the Proliner Glass package and is happy to share his experience:

“We went for the Proliner because it is the most accurate digital templating machine we found. In the past, we used to have a laser templating machine but nothing even comes close to the Proliner. We have gotten a few of them and we recommend it to anyone that asks. With the Proliner, we have accuracy and precision when we template. And once we started working with it, templating became a lot easier, quicker, and more importantly: accurate. We know the Proliner from the trade show 10 years ago and we have been using it ever since.”