Doornekamp Woodspecials uses the Proliner for digital templating and quality control of their unique wood projects

Doornekamp Woodspecials is a family business specialized in unique finishing of wood, particularly solid wood. Architects, artists, staircase manufacturers and conservator-restorers from all over the world repeatedly make the journey to Waddinxveen because of the unique products Doornekamp fabricates. Their projects range from balustrades, ornaments, restorations to art and marine constructions. They design their wood turning and milling machines themselves to be able to produce large size wood constructions, which is unique in the Netherlands.

Doornekamp design their projects in 3D, which is one of the reasons that they have invested in a Proliner for creating digital templates. They explain: «The Proliner’s flexibility enables us to create digital templates for various types of constructions as well as that we can use it for quality control, which is a necessity for the projects we do. The use of the Proliner is so simple that we most certainly can work faster and use our time more efficiently from now on.”

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