Prodim Proliner user Granite Tops

The Proliner gave Granite Tops’ productivity and growth a serious boost!

Granite Tops is a Father / Son enterprise and leading supplier of granite and quartz worktops in Ireland. They started using their first Proliner in 2015 and recently invested in a second Proliner. Thomas Sullivan (Son) and a colleague came over for a Proliner training and when we asked Thomas about Granite Tops’ experience with the Proliner he replied with impressive facts:

«Nowadays we spend more time driving from and to projects to be measured on-site than on the actual measuring itself. Before we started using the Proliner for measuring we could do 2-4 projects per day and this required two employees. With the Proliner we can measure 5-6 projects per day and this is done by only one of our employees.»

Examples of countertop projects Granite Tops used the Proliner for

«The chance of making a costly error has been reduced from 3-to-1. In the old days there was a chance to read the measuring tape wrong, to write down the incorrect number and all could be misinterpreted at the Factory. With the Proliner the measuring process is more accurate and can be checked, changed and finalized on-site by the operator. At the factory we use the Proliner measurements as input for our production machinery.»

«The Proliner fulfilled a major part our production growth from 20 to 30 countertops a week. Therefore the decision to invest in a second Proliner was an easy one. The investment in the Proliner was earned back in a year!»


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Countertop project — Before measuring                                          Countertop project — After installation