Prodim: опыт и pекомендации пользователей каменной отрасли

CB Stone Design - Ireland

Ciaran Burke: «The Proliner convinced us to be the best tool to use for digital templating countertops. That and the fact that we know colleague stone companies that use the Proliner to their satisfaction, made us decide to go for the Proliner.»

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LIK HOME - France

Kevin Landrin: «Having already experienced the capacities and accuracy of the Proliner via our templater and after comparing it to laser technology ourselves, we concluded that the Proliner is the best digital templating tool»

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Planet Granite - United States

Ryan Dejong: «The Proliner is still the most efficient and versatile templating system in the stone industry. We are a very high volume company and can honestly say that I don’t know where we would be without our Proliners. Thank you again!”

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