Credo Centar is Elevating Croatian Stone Design and Installation with the Proliner

Credo Centar was founded in 1994 and has since become a leader in stone design and installation for bathrooms, living spaces, and workspaces in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubro in Croatia. They offer a wide range of products from the world’s top manufacturers of ceramic and porcelain tiles, as well as complete bathroom and wellness equipment, allowing them to successfully complete a wide range of projects.

Due to their attention to detail, exceptional quality offerings, and commitment to continuous improvement, Credo Centar has consistently achieved high customer satisfaction. Personalization is paramount, with each customer receiving individualized attention to ensure a final product that perfectly aligns with their needs and wishes.

In alignment with the company’s values, Credo Centar has incorporated the Proliner Stone Package as their digital templating solution along with the Prodim Factory software to edit and enhance their capabilities to deliver projects with speed, portability, and, most importantly, precision for faster completion of measurements.

Petra Tot from Credo Centar shared their experience with using the Proliner: “We strive to offer our customers the highest quality products and materials on the market while providing the best possible service. To support our mission, we stay up-to-date with high-performance technologies. That’s why we began using the Proliner and the Prodim Factory Software. These tools have significantly simplified, enhanced, and expedited our measurement processes. Since their implementation, the Proliner has become an indispensable tool in every measurement task, while the Prodim Factory Software has proven essential to our operations.”

Credo Centar prides itself on seamless installations throughout each project. Whether it is a hotel, a private house, a residential project, or a winery, the outcome is always a seamless, high-end look. The Proliner’s unique precision
 and portability have also reduced the need for site visits. “Our favorite feature of the Proliner is the ability to refine measurements and edit drawings directly on-site. This allows us to create a complete and accurate draft without requiring subsequent visits to the location.

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