How Granitop uses the Proliner for high-precision stone worktop installations in Scandinavia

Stone worktops are well known for their high durability and for bringing timeless design and beauty to both residential and commercial settings. In order to produce worktops that perfectly fit into every customer kitchen or bathroom, Granitop relies on the Proliner for taking the most accurate measurements for every project they work on.

“We have been using the Proliner for carrying out measuring tasks that need extreme precision since 2016″ tells Granitop’s Chief Technical Officer, Henry Liiber. “ The Proliner has enabled us to accelerate our operational efficiency as the machines are very reliable and easy to use,” he adds. “I can give you an example – while previously complex measuring tasks could take up to 1,5 hours to complete, we now take all the necessary measurements in under 10 minutes with a Proliner – and with unmatched precision. It really is exceptional!”

In addition to worktops, Granitop uses their two Proliners for taking measurements for several other products that they manufacture, such as stair treads and windowsills. All measurements are taken on-site and quickly uploaded to the cloud from where a CAD designer can take the necessary data to start working on technical drawings that will be used for milling pieces out of stone slabs that can weigh up to half a tons. As the slabs can also cost up to several thousands of euros, accurate original measurements are of key importance to avoid any and all potentially costly mistakes before cutting the stone into necessary size and shape.

Before investing in the Proliner Stone Templator package, Granitop considered alternatives such as laser-based measuring but ultimately landed on the Proliner due to its flexibility and functionality which tie nicely into the kind of daily work that’s common for all professional measuring teams at Granitop. “Today I can tell you that this was the right decision for us and not just for the technical capabilities that the Proliner has brought to the table but also for the first-class after-sales support that Prodim has provided to us over the years.
To be honest, we have never worried about troubleshooting or purchasing the right accessories for the machines as all requests have been quickly and professionally handled by Prodim, including delivery,” Liiber explains. “Often it’s one thing to read all the brochures and experience professional demonstrations of a product in a controlled setting, but a different experience in real-life scenarios. I’m truly glad to say that this hasn’t been the case with Proliners as over the years these machines have proved to be easy to use, accurate, and reliable,” he adds.

Henry Liiber (photo above) is immensely pleased with the performance and accuracy of the Proliners. “Day in and day out these devices are used by our measuring crews, and we have never encountered a single issue during the 7 years that we’ve had Proliners in our toolkit – that’s quite telling about the quality that Prodim offers!”

Granitop is a stone worktop specialist that operates in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark since 2011. The company acquires natural stones from quarries all over the world and also offers popular engineered stones such as quartz, ceramics and terrazzo. Being vertically integrated, Granitop not only procures but also manufactures, delivers, and installs all worktops, thus sustaining a high level of accuracy and quality during the entire manufacturing process.


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