Slotboom Steenhouwers: «Working with the Proliner is simply part of the job nowadays”

In 2000, William Slotboom founded Slotboom Steenhouwers. Based in Winterswijk, they tackle remarkable construction projects both locally and internationally, specializing in restoring natural stone in historic buildings. Their expertise spans windows, pinnacles, and ground surfaces, as they seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. Recognized for quality and expertise, Slotboom Steenhouwers stands among the top Dutch restoration firms, shaping a historic future with every project.

Slotboom Steenhouwers currently has a major project in Amsterdam involving floor tiles. This project requires extensive measurements. In the past, they worked with templates that needed to be scanned and drawn. This process was labour-intensive, especially when editing the measurements. Onsite they also had to manually adjust many dimensions.

They were convinced that there had to be a better way. A colleague had experience with the Proliner at his previous job, which introduced him to its capabilities. Slotboom Steenhouwers decided to invest in a Proliner Stone Interior package. They intend to use the Proliner for this large floor tiles project in Amsterdam and for future projects.

Slotboom Steenhouwers states, «Working with the Proliner is simply part of the job nowadays. Measurements need to be digital. I only see benefits. We no longer have to crawl on the ground and measure each component separately. We can measure continuously. Everything can be done in a single measurement.»

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