Heiler Glas embraces Digital Measurement with the Proliner

Heiler Glas, founded by Alois Heiler in 1984, and based in Waghäusel, Germany, currently employs approximately 50 employees. The company specializes in various glass products, including glass showers, kitchen countertops, railings, office wall systems, skylights, and interior glass. No need is standard: they offer a suitable solution for every specific request. Moreover, they provide not only the design, but also the professional installation of these glass products.

Previously, they relied on manual measurements, which were labour-intensive. Seeking a more efficient solution, they opted for the Proliner Glass package. Several factors influenced this decision: witnessing the effectiveness of the Proliner at other glass companies on construction sites and prior experience with the Proliner from an employee.

Dennis Hauptmann states, «Investing in the Proliner has greatly simplified project measurements. We will use it for more specialized projects.»


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