Stickel Marmor & Granit: «The precision of the Proliner not only instills confidence in our work but also ensures peace of mind.»

Since its inception in 1994 by Gerhard Stickel, Stickel Marmor & Granit has evolved into a premier destination for marble and granite craftsmanship in the Nagold, Tübingen, Pforzheim, and Stuttgart regions.
Renowned for their expertise in natural stone, ceramics, and quartz, and to make every customer’s dream home a reality, the german company has left an indelible mark on countless projects spanning kitchens (countertops, table tops, backsplashes, etc) , complete bathrooms, living spaces, gardens, and gravestones.

In 2019, commemorating their 25th anniversary, Stickel Marmor & Granit unveiled a breathtaking bathroom studio, showcasing a harmonious fusion of natural stones and designer furniture.

Stickel Marmor & Granit’s investment in the Proliner Stone package in 2013 has truly revolutionized their approach to precision.

In conversation with Antonio Calibrò, from Stickel Marmor & Granit, the transformative impact of the Proliner became evident.
«The company has owned the Proliner for many years. I’m originally from southern Italy where, unfortunately, we didn’t have a Proliner, despite my wish for one. Once I moved to Germany I started using it and could no longer live without it, all my designs are derived from the measurements taken with the Proliner. It has fundamentally transformed my approach to craftsmanship, making it an irreplaceable asset in my work.»

He adds:

«What strikes me most is the sheer precision of the measurements facilitated by the Proliner. Thanks to it, I can peacefully sleep at night, particularly when handling high-value projects. This precision not only instills confidence in our work but also ensures peace of mind.»

Antonio was happy to share of their projects, a 2x2m kitchen island (before & after photos above),a perfectly realized job measured with the Proliner.


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