Allinterno enhanced their measuring process with the Proliner

Allinterno is an interior design company specialising in customisation. Established in 2017, the company now employs seven people and is located in Maldegem, Belgium. Allinterno provides comprehensive interior design services, including the creation of kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, stairs, cabinets, and more.

Previously, measurements at Allinterno were done manually, leading to occasional oversights or inaccuracies in recording. They aimed to enhance this process. Upon discovering that a neighboring company had successfully integrated the Proliner for all their measurement needs, Allinterno became enthusiastic. They decided to invest in the Proliner and chose the Proliner Furniture, Door & Window package. The Proliner allows them to take accurate measurements, minimising errors and avoiding costly repairs.

Angelo told us, «We chose the Proliner because the device is easy to use, it saves us a lot of valuable time and it is extremely precise».

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