Zeilmakerij Wakker: «The Proliner is a logical next step in digitization for everyone!»

Founded in 1933 by Dirk Wakker and based in Maassluis, the Netherlands,  Zeilmakerij Wakker has existed for over 90 years.
Over the years, the number of sailing ships for professional use decreased and Wakker started to focus on other logistics applications. Zeilmakerij Wakker is a family business company, where the third and fourth generations are now at the helm and all Wakker’s six sons share the love for the craft of sailmaking.

They focus on transport, industry, and recreation and specialize in boat covers, veranda sails, truck tarpaulins, car covers & trailers, and aprons used during harvesting. They started with cotton cloths that were painted. Today, many materials, textures, and colours are available.
Zeilmakerij Wakker first saw the Proliner at a trade fair in Germany. Since 2017, the Dutch company has been in contact with Prodim and has also received a demonstration on-site.
After investing in a CNC machine in 2018, it was time to move forward with the Proliner Canvas package.
They told us:

«The Proliner is a logical next step in digitization for everyone! It gives customers a better idea of the product’s result. In addition to this, it is easy to use and less physical!»


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