Marbrerie Daubinet-Litteri: «The tangible benefits of the Proliner can be seen in the maximum satisfaction of our customers and partners!»

Family-run, and artisan business Marbrerie Daubinet-LitteriI, is a French company founded in 1961 and operating in the areas of La Ciotat, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.

Professionals in decorative marble work, Marbrerie Daubinet-Litteri works with different materials, such as marble, granite, stone, quartz, and dekton, resulting in beautiful kitchen worktops, bathroom walls, and sinks, stairs, marble tables, among many others.
Marbrerie Daubinet-LitteriI has been using the Proliner Stone package for 15 years and in 2022 decided to also invest in our latest Factory Fabricator software.
They proudly share their experience with us:
«The Proliner has considerably improved our approach to taking measurements. Integrating the Proliner and its software into our operations has given us increased accuracy, high reliability, and access to cutting-edge technology. This transition has been crucial in optimizing our measurement processes.»
They add:
«Thanks to the Proliner’s advanced functionalities, we have been able to carry out exceptional bespoke projects. The tangible benefits can be seen in the maximum satisfaction of our customers and partners, with a 5 out of 5 approval rate in their feedback! This positive experience reinforces our reputation and demonstrates the effectiveness of the Proliner in the success of our custom projects.»


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