Kamene Slovakia s.r.o.:»We will be using the Proliner in all our projects!»

With over 26 years of dedicated service and located in Bratislava, Slovakia, Kamene Slovakia s.r.o.has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation and quality in the stone industry. Specializing in a myriad of projects ranging from kitchen worktops and sinks to fireplaces and staircases, Kamene’s commitment to craftsmanship is unparalleled.

Their journey with precision measurement took a significant leap when they encountered the Proliner at the exhibition Marmomac, in Verona, 2019. Instantly recognizing its potential, Kamene Slovakia, eagerly explored its capabilities through a compelling demonstration at the fair. Equipped with an acute eye for detail, Kamene understood that investing in this cutting-edge technology was not just a choice, but a necessity.
Later in 2023, the Slovakian company decided to invest in the Proliner Stone Interior package.
Transitioning from traditional methods of measurement, Kamene Slovakia s.r.o. embarked on a transformative journey by embracing the Proliner.

Understanding the importance of mastering the tools they invested in, Marián Balázik and Michael attended the Proliner training at Prodim in January 2024, guided by the experienced Matteo.

Reflecting on their training experience, Marián Balázik remarked:

«The training with Matteo was great. He explained very well and it helps that the Proliner is so easy to use! We want to keep practicing and start using it daily in our projects.»

This sentiment encapsulates Kamene’s dedication to adopting innovative solutions that enhance precision and efficiency in their craft.


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