První Keramická «Everything is buttery smooth with the Proliner and the Prodim Factory Fabricator software!»

První Keramická is a company based in Nechvalice, Czech Republic with more than 10 years of experience in processing all sorts of materials — such as natural stones, technical stones, and ceramics. They use these materials to create kitchen & bathroom countertops, sinks & basins, design tables, kitchen islands, tiles & paving stairs, reception & bar counters, and facades, among others.

This company doesn’t operate only in the Czech Republic, but also worldwide. For them, distance doesn’t matter. Almost a year ago, První Keramická s.r.o was introduced to the Proliner and immediately fell in love with it! They have been using the Furniture — Door & Window package along with the Prodim Factory Fabricator software — our latest software, used to edit, fit-check, vein-matching, stock, digitize/overview, with integrated photogrammetry and a revolution for today’s fabricator!

Michal Bubela from První Keramická was happy to share one of their unique and challenging projects, made with the help of the Proliner and the Fabricator software — a luxury staircase in Belgium, made of granite with transparent crystals called Patagonia.

«This particular project was not an easy fit. The stairs had to be lit and also be serviceable, so we knew from the beginning that would be a demanding and at the same time exciting project to do.»

Michal explains the process: «When we went on-site, the first thing we did was determine the height of one step. After that, we measured step by step with the Proliner.
Once back in our office, we started planning the way to make the steps lit and serviceable at the same time Normally we would use LED panels but that would make the steps unworkable so we had to come up with a different idea — LED strips. Thanks to the «Match» tool in the Prodim Factory software, we were able to determine how many LED strips we would be needing, which again — saved us money and time, and we were able to agree on the layout with the customer.»

He adds:

«We did multiple light tests and material durability tests and we realized that we were working with a very fragile material. If not operated correctly, the material could crumble in hand.
As a way to anchor the steps to the ground without any restrictions to light, we decided to use transparent anchor points which worked very well.
Everything is buttery smooth thanks to the good measurements taken with the Proliner and the features offered by the software!
Thanks to the Proliner, we have a huge advantage over our competition and we are pleased to have chosen it as our measuring tool!»


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