Bradex: «The precision of the Proliner is something never seen before!»

Located in Nowe Grobice, in east-central Poland, and established in 1999, Bradex started with trade in window joinery. This allowed them to gain insight into the construction industry and later led to further challenges, not only commercial but also in expanding human resources as professional editors.

The development of knowledge and experience, permitted Bradex to dedicate itself to the processing of natural stone — such as granite & marble —  as well as stone conglomerates and custom-made stones.
Their specialties consist of kitchen and bathroom countertops, window sills, and stairs, among others.
To help with the realization of their projects and speed up the process, Bradex decided to go digital with the Proliner and has been using the Stone package, along with the Factory Draw software.

Kamil Piekarniak was happy to share their experience:

«The Proliner helps us in everyday use. What I value the most about the Proliner is the measurement time and the accuracy offered by this device is something never seen before! The ability to edit the measurement in the device itself as well as in the Prodim Factory Draw software is very extensive.»

He added:

The Proliner doesn’t make the work easier only for me but also for the sawmill, which doesn’t have to manually enter holes in a given stone element. The person processing the elements also has an easier task thanks to the drawing generated from the Factory Draw software!
To sum up, since we’ve been using it, our work is more accurate, and faster!»


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