Hase & Kramer turns complex shapes into beautiful wooden furniture without any reworks!

Hase & Kramer, a family business based in Dornbirn, Austria. The passion for carpentry is anchored in their genes, and already for 5 generations, they have been able to maintain their traditional values and promote innovative ideas.

They use carefully selected raw materials in the course of their furniture production, which guarantees longevity and lasting value. They work with local woods such as oak or stone pine, which is sourced from the surrounding area. Hase & Kramer do not use any ready-made industrial goods. Each piece of furniture is created by their team of carpenters with love, care, and expertise. In recent years, they have been proud users of the Proliner Furniture, Door, and Window Package, and its advanced technology enables only the most precise and stunning results.

Afons Bereuter was happy to share insights about their latest projects with us:

«We love working with the Proliner. It’s a unique piece of equipment in our factory. It has enabled us to maintain our high standards. As shown in the pictures, Brett is able to template a variety of complex shapes. These shapes are then turned into beautiful wooden furniture that won’t need any rework and will guarantee a clean, flawless fit always!»

Before and After – Wall measured with Ptoliner on CNC milled — installation without any rework



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