Glas Feix Glaselemente GmbH: «Our measuring process before having the Proliner was cumbersome and unpractical!»

Glas Feix Glaselemente GmbH is a family company from Rosenheim, Germany, with more than 30 years of experience in the art of glazing.

They offer a wide range of glass products such as glass railings and canopies, showers, washbasins, mirrors, backsplashes, among others. For Glas Feix Glaselemente GmbH everything is possible and there are hardly any limits to the imagination, and individual and custom-made products are possible.
Recommended by a friend, they decided to invest in the Proliner Glass package with the goal of speeding up the templating process and obtaining high accuracy.
But they didn’t just acquire the Proliner: to allow them to check, edit and export digital templates, Glas Feix Glaselemente GmbH uses our Prodim Factory Draw software —  our fast and easy-to-use CAD drawing tool — and they love it!
They were happy to share their experience: «Our measuring process before having the Proliner was cumbersome and unpractical. Everything was measured manually and in order to be sure about the accuracy of the dimensions, we often had to go back and forth to have everything right. It cost us so much time and effort. But since we have the Proliner, we spend way less time on that and achieve a shorter lead time for project delivery. We can proudly say the Proliner allows us to work fast, accurate and digital!”

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