CreoGlass Design: “The Proliner is extremely accurate and allows us to create complex splashback shapes with no errors!”

CreoGlass Design Ltd is a company from Watford, in the northwest of London, UK.  Founded in 2012, they have worked hard to ensure the best results with the highest quality services. They specialize in the design, templating, and production of all kinds of splashbacks. They do everything from kitchen splashbacks to bathroom projects and glass wall art.  Their experienced production team takes pride in creating products to the highest standards.  To achieve this, they have been using the Proliner Glass Package for all of their projects in the last few years.

CreoGlass proudly expressed: “We have 6 years of experience producing, measuring, and fitting glass with the Proliner. On top of our extensive experience, our investment in the Prodim Proliner for measuring ensures any sort of human error is eliminated. Accuracy in measuring is key to helping the fitting process run as smoothly as possible. Our Proliner eliminates human error. We highly recommend it!“


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