Sigvartsen Steinindustri: «Now with the Proliner it’s a whole new world!»

Sigvartsen Steinidustri is a Norwegian company, located in Oslo and is well-recognized in the country for its speciality in natural stone.

They cover all customers’ needs for natural stone − outside and inside. Sigvartsen Steinindustri offers Norwegian stone types such as slate and granite, classic continental ones such as marble and limestone, and new, modern composite types.

Counting already with their 4th Proliner and using them for over 10 years, Stian Helgesen proudly shares their experience with us:

«We use our Proliners several times a day! Before we used wood templates on a 1:1 scale to measure up the kitchen tops — now it’s a whole new world! We save time on site because the Proliner is very effective and also because we can send the template straight into the workshop.»

He adds: «We measure everything on site. We place the seams, import the correct cut-outs and more to complete the drawings on site. The Proliner help us to deliver the best quality products to our customers and avoids misunderstandings between the templator and the fabricator. Its precision and versatility, and how easy it is to use are very important aspects for us. In addition, we can finish all the drawings on site, which helps us to have the lowest delivery time in the market!»

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