Miller Brothers Stone: «Today every natural stone job we fabricate is nested using the Prodim Factory Fabricator software!»

Miller Brothers Stone is a family-run company from Rathnew, Ireland, founded in 2000. With many years of experience in the manufacture of granite and marble products, they create beautiful bespoke natural stone worktops, surfaces, and floors for homes/interiors throughout Ireland and beyond.

Miller Brothers upgraded to our latest Prodim Factory Fabricator software, with integrated photogrammetry, which sets a new bar for today’s fabricator. The easy flow of the Prodim Factory Fabricator Software (in editing, fitting-check, vein-matching, stocking, digitizing/overview) allows Miller Brothers to elevate the offered quality.

The seamless integration of the Proliner on-site measurements with real-life pictures provides insight and project control never achieved before in the industry. Some of its features include Site Control — where customers can check digital templates with photos, increasing awareness and guidance while editing and reducing the risk of mistakes — and Interpolation — the simplicity, connection and enhancement of complex shapes, being a great solution for templates and irregularly shaped floors among the many. Vein Match —  the creation of vein designs with a realistic perception — and smart, simple and realistic nesting are other of its features.

«The Prodim Factory Fabricator software brings confidence in the final production drawings, the fitting, and in the final installation look! We do vein-matching at the office, and this way we win the approval of our customers!» — said Ruairi and Danny.

Ruari also added: «Since 2005, digital templating with the Proliner has been integral to our business growth! Before that, we focused on volume sales in the quartz kitchen market. We then started with natural stone instead of quartz & man-made surfaces. The Proliner has also helped us open a new market, large format marble floors & bathrooms. Some of our most exciting projects using it have been abroad, with stunning works completed in Paris, London, and St. Tropez for some of the world’s top interior designers like Boss Studio. Today every natural stone job we fabricate is nested using the Prodim Factory Fabricator software! We want more awareness of this product for more quality in the future for everyone in this industry!”


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