APS Leisure Upholstery: “It’s time for cover-making to hit the next level with the Proliner!”

APS Leisure Upholstery is a family-run business based in Devon, United Kingdom. They are specialized in upholstery and trimming for the leisure industry, including Marine, Automotive, Campervans, Motorhomes, Narrowboats, and Caravans. Recommended from a friend who also owns a Proliner, they decided to go for the Proliner Canvas package and Prodim Plotter.

Andrew: “We have had over 10 years of experience in the soft furnishings industry as well as having spent the last 30 years on and around boats. We are passionate about boating and I already refurbished my own boats from wreck to sale! As a family, we are also involved in caravanning and as such we are aware of the problems that can arise from dampness, damage, and general wear and tear on upholstery and interiors. We strive to offer the best in service, pricing, quality, and the Proliner helps us to achieve that and to increase our work efficiency tremendously. Before, we needed 30 minutes up to an hour for measuring a small boat cover, but with the Proliner it only takes 5 minutes!”

He continued: “It’s time for cover-making to hit the next level with the Proliner. We can now digitally template boats and produce the designs in CAD. The cover is then automatically drawn out on the fabric ready for production. And we are also not depending on weather conditions anymore; we can still measure accurately on windy and rainy days. And by using the Proliner – in combination with the Prodim Plotter – we can easily plot the digital templates for production. It is the perfect combination!”


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