Satsang Vanworks: “This Little Blue Box changed Vanlife Forever!”

Satsang Vanworks, from Colorado, in the USA, is a company that builds tiny-home-inspired custom camper vans. They offer services and options for all budget levels, as well as consultation and partial build services. Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning “In Holy Communion” and they aim to approach every aspect of their work with that orientation. When they heard about the Proliner, they were immediately convinced it could help them with their activities. Mike shared enthusiastically his experience:

“The Proliner is a game-changer: it captures in real-time and in space dimensions that can be immediately transferred through USB into the CNC machine to be cut automatically. In the past, what we have been doing, is stenciling and we had all kinds of random crazy weird-shaped patterns laying all over the shop and they all meant something. They were all one radius in a van or one part of the curvature or a bottom cabinet or upper cabinet or something like that. Now we can have a big bonfire and get rid of all that stuff. Since we switched over to the Proliner, we have all our data measurements stored inside of it. So, for the DIY world, this is absolutely massive because we are able not only to reference the curvatures of the van for the floors, walls, ceilings, and the cabinetry but also it’s no longer a big deal if a customer wants a fan or a window in a particular spot. We are able to customize that all the way because once they are in there, we are able to take this find in real-time and space exactly where all of those openings are. We can program it directly into our catalog, hit a button and it’s just customization of our program every time over and over.

And then if you want to do something with it, just plug in a USB, go to edit, save the measurement and then transfer it to the USB. The data collected in real-time can be digitized. We take it into our computer to be printed on the CNC machine and the job is done.

That is one of the coolest things we have seen and it makes our life so incredibly simple. All the guesswork of the curvatures and the radiuses is taken out. The Proliner is a really really brilliant tool. We are very grateful to have it!

This Little Blue Box changed Vanlife Forever!”

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