Specialised Covers about digital templating caravans: “The Proliner is a very versatile piece of kit!”

Specialised Covers, located in Shipley, United Kingdom, is a company with more than 35 years of experience in providing protective covers for cars, caravans, and motorcycles. Since 1981 they have been creating tailored covers for some of the world’s rarest vehicles and they have built an inventory of measurements that’s second-to-none. Some time ago they invested in the Proliner Canvas package and have been working on different projects. They are pleased in sharing one of them:

“Our Design Team had a great time at Glossop Caravans during the measurements of new caravans. As there have been no shows this year we have been working closely with the manufacturers to access their 3D models or make our own when required. The team was using our Proliner Canvas package to create 3D models that we can take back to the office and design covers directly from. These designs are then flattened into 2D cut files for our CNC machine to cut ensuring accuracy and consistency of the cut. This process isn’t just suitable on caravans but can be applied to any 3D object making the Proliner a very versatile piece of kit.”


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