DEKit: “The Proliner is the only name in the game!”

DEKit, a company from Jacksonville, in the USA, is specialized in the manufacture and installation of a customizable, non-skid, flooring overlay made of cross-linked PE/EVA foam. Having already worked with the Proliner 8, now they decided to go for the Proliner 8X Decking package. Hamilton, from DEKit’s headquarters in South Carolina, who just learned more advanced measuring techniques during his training with the Proliner, tells more about:

“At DEKit, we are always concerned about delivering the highest quality of work, and with the Proliner we do that in the fastest and most accurate way! For the past year, we have been digitizing boats with the Proliner and we are pretty much convinced it is the best digital measuring machine out there. That is the reason we decided to invest in its latest version!”

He concluded: “We know the Proliner is the only name in the game!”

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