With the Proliner, Proglass managed to create a precious project for Diamant Hotel!

Proglass is a company from Croatia specialized in 3D digital measurement service and drafting in particular for the fabrication of glass fences, glass rocks, customized shower enclosures, colored glass for splash backs, glass for work machines and refractory glass for stoves and fireplaces. They decided to invest in the Proliner Glass package and owner Robert is very proud to share one of his successful projects made with the help of the Proliner:

“We have recently worked in the construction of a special and large glass canopy in front of Diamant Hotel, in Porec, Croatia. The architect’s idea was to create a glass canopy with lots of glass surfaces intersecting at various angles — similar to a diamond cut. With the Proliner, we were able to measure the whole construction in only 6 hours; which is great, taking in account the size and height of the glass pieces measured. On top of that, we just needed 2 days of 3D CAD modeling in Rhino.»



He continued: “Since we decided to go for the Proliner we are using the device several times a week for the creation of digital templates of customized splash backs, spiral glass balustrades and curved glass objects. Now we work on projects we would not be able to accomplish without it. As you can see on the pictures, It was a very demanding project but thanks to the Proliner we did it successfully and without struggles! We are very excited to see our projects get finished with perfect fit in no-time!’’

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