Vetreria Riccionese: “For us, it is really a must to have the Proliner by our side!”

Vetreria Riccionese, from Riccione, in Italy, is a company with experience in the art of glass processing since 1922. Some time ago they invested in the Proliner Glass package and have been working on successful assignments for the architectural glass industry.

Recently, they have performed in the glass construction of a special project; Sotopasso Viale Ceccarini (Avenue Ceccarini Underpass). The design and artistic direction of the project were conducted by the architect Fabio Mariani and leads to the «living room» of Riccione in the seaside area. The architect’s idea was to transform the underpass from an anonymous passage to a place — that can be called »Sacred» — and is where the history of the Avenue and the whole city is told. According to Mariani: “The underpass is unique when compared to the other crossings because it does not only physically connect the city to the sea with the one upstream, but symbolically represents the reunion of the two souls of the city itself: the one linked to the old historical center, and the one linked to the sea, to the navy, to tourism; it tells its story; it is the past and the future of Riccione together, reunited in fact.”


With the help of the Proliner Glass package, Vetreria Riccionese managed to achieve its main goal: to deliver a unique and impeccable job. Owner Alessandro proudly shares his experience:

“In such projects, the Proliner’s accuracy is essential to reach the high-end precision we and our customers need! We can easily say the Proliner allows us to work fast, accurately, and digitally! We spend way less time during measurements and achieve a shorter lead time for project delivery. It does not matter how demanding the job is: with the Proliner, we will get it done without struggles and headaches. For us, it is really a must to have the Proliner by our side!”