Köster Sails: “There is no bad weather when you work with the Proliner!”

Köster Sails, a company located in Enkhuizen, in the Netherlands, is an all-round sailmaker with a focus on the water sports sector. Their product portfolio ranges from the manufacturing of boat covers, canopies, Bimini tops, awnings and of course sails to fabrics for domestic and industrial clients. After having discovered the Proliner at the Metstrade fair in Amsterdam three years ago, they decided to invest in the Proliner Canvas package.

Hugo and André were very enthusiastic in sharing their experience with the Proliner: “There is no bad weather when you work with the Proliner! Even under difficult weather conditions and on windy, cold and humid days, we can easily use the Proliner. With moulds — and without the Proliner – the templating process takes much longer on a dry day and even more when it rains, if it can be done at all.»

They continue: “We are happy to say that the templating time has decreased significantly and the continuity of our whole company’s work has increased. The software to finalize digital templates for production is very easy to use and enables us to reuse project files for similar projects. Therefore, the Proliner Canvas package offers all the digital templating solutions our company needs!”

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