McMonagle Marble & Granite: “The Proliner scores five out of five stars”

The Irish stone fabricator McMonagle Marble & Granite has over 40 years of experience in crafting granite, marble and quartz. Their work ranges from kitchen worktops, to vanities, table tops, staircases, fireplaces, bar counters and much more. McMonagle is an experienced Proliner user and recently picked up their third Proliner to be able to create more digital templates and increase production.

Brian enthusiastically shares McMonagle’s experience and achievements: “We got to know the Proliner, because plenty of other stone fabricators spoke highly about the device. Nowadays we can confirm that it is the best digital templating tool on the market.”

They continue: “Because of the Proliner’s accuracy we have been able to tremendously reduce our error rates. The Proliner’s digital templating speed on the other hand, enabled us to double our production rates. Our investment in a third Proliner will improve these rates even more! That’s why we give the Proliner five out of five stars!”

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