The Proliner enables Kenyu to be one of the best in marine flooring

Kenyu Solutions is a German fabricator of tailor-made marine floors. The company uses the Proliner for a couple of years now for creating digital templates of marine decks. Being already close by the Prodim office because of an on-site measuring job, Stefan, Martin and Philipp came over for a short heads-up training. We asked about their experiences with the Proliner:

«Before the Proliner, we used laser technology, which is not very convenient for the task; the device and target points have to be set up for measuring and quite some editing has to be done afterwards. Editing on the Proliner is quicker than the time it takes to set up the laser!

Another advantage is that the Proliner can be used anywhere and in almost any weather condition. Its’s quick in use and the measuring results are accurate and constantly perfect. Everyone at Kenyu is able to work with the device. We can easily measure all curves and radii of boat shapes and the leapfrog function enables us to combine measurements and create the digital templates we need for production.

According to our customers and competition we are one of the best in our field and the Proliner enables us to maintain this standard due to its time-saving efficiency and precision!»

Kenyu Solutions website