MF Italian Marble delivers excellent service with its Proliner and Prodim Factory

MF Italian Marble Installation & Design, located in London, is a specialized fabricator of marble and granite which is supplied directly from Italy.They offer their customers high-end stone products like countertops, splashbacks, stairs, floors and more. The company invested in a Proliner in the summer of 2017. Michele, Director of the company:

«We expected the Proliner to be an accurate digital measuring device and this expectation has definitely been met. Next to the accuracy, the digital templates we create for all kinds of stone products are created much quicker compared to using physical templates. Recently we also invested in Prodim Factory, which is faster in use compared to other drawing and editing software, especially for kitchen countertops. Because of the Proliner and Prodim Factory software we now deliver faster and better service to our clients!”

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