ALBO Deuren: «Working with the Proliner results in fitting doors!»

For over 35 years, Albo Deuren has been supplying doors in all sizes, shapes and many different applications. From their home base in Albergen (NL), they co-design and co-fabricate generic and project-based door solutions for inside doors, outside doors, doorframes, windows and the like. They offer full service solutions, including measuring beforehand and on-site installation.

Albo Deuren recently upgraded their first Proliner to the latest software and invested in a second Proliner because of the process improvements that it brings. Kris, Roy and Jan explain: «Working with the Proliner results in fitting doors, which makes on-site installation easier, faster and planing is no longer required. In fact, we can now also supply prepainted doors because of the Proliner’s accurate digital templates that we use for production. The second Proliner will bring the same improvements and time savings, enabling us to deliver more doors!»

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