The Proliner glass package is useful to Accurate Glass Products in many ways

Recently, Mike, Gus and Michael Cadenhead from Accurate Glass Products were at our facility in Fort Pierce, Florida to pick up their new Proliner. Located in Barre, Ontario, Canada, Accurate Glass Products has served the glass industry for over 30 years. Focused on having state of art equipment to produce the highest quality product, they invested in the Proliner Glass CT package to template balustrades, glass railings and tables.

Mike was impressed with the Edit CT program which comes with the package and is used to check, edit and finalize measurements on-site and in the factory. The software is embedded in the Proliner and can be installed on a desktop or laptop. Mike stated, “We can run this program on any computer in our office, allowing us to modify shapes while the Proliner is being used independently. The Proliner package is definitely useful in many ways.”

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