Prodim Proliner пользователь Stieva Metaal Groep

The Proliner’s flexibility enables Stieva to digital template a large range of metal constructions

Stieva Metaal Groep, based in the Netherlands, has over 30 years of experience in the metal industry. Working from different locations, Stieva offers a large range of products in (stainless) steel, aluminum and bronze. Mr. N. de Jong and R. van Nes from Stieva:

«We wanted to improve our measuring process for window frames and change over to digital templating. One of our colleagues tipped us to have a look at the Proliner. After we realized that the Proliner is capable of much more, we were convinced that it is the right digital measuring tool for Stieva to invest in. We are going to use the Proliner CS to create digital templates for a wide variety of products, like coverings for stairs, elevators, interior constructions and window frames of course. The Proliner gives the opportunity to gain a digital template on a very accurate level, reduces mistakes and most importantly, it saves us a lot of time!»


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