Prodim Proliner пользователь Sterntec

SternTec vehicle equipment is eager to implement Proliner functionalities in their process

Since 1978 SternTec from the Netherlands handles the delivery and installation of vehicle equipment, from simple standard solutions to elaborate custom made. Their users are as diverse in their vehice and wishes. For templating the cargo space of vehicles they use the Proliner 7CS. They visited Prodim for a refresher training and also to train new personnel.

Silvester Keijzer, Aftersales Manager at SternTec: “We have been working with the Proliner for a couple a years and we couldn’t imagine working without it. When we started using the Proliner years ago it improved the speed of our process and it gave us accurate measurements of course. The training has had a lot of value for us, we learned about new functionalities. That is something we are eager to implement in our process.”


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